MahaNara Bali Hill Villas


About Us

What does MahaNara mean?
Mahanara is a river in Madagascar, but that is not why we chose this name.
“We” – that is me, Nyoman Tirtawan, and my wife Beate Dotterweich.

  Our son Mahesa

We have two children whose names are Mahesa and Narayani, and MahaNara is dedicated to our children. We trust in their good future and for this, we have to do our best to give them our support. While promoting properties for foreigners in Bali we want to contribute towards the environment here. It is our goal to create and promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle in Bali.

Our daughter Narayani  

Beate has lived here for more than 10 years; she has a diploma in Horticultural Engineering (FH) and since residing in Bali has managed our restaurant. She also gained invaluable experience while working as GM and director of a spiritual hotel retreat in North Bali.

Two years ago we made our dream come true; I built a small holiday Villa in my birth-village Manuksesa From this experience, having already built our private house, our restaurants, Warung Bambu Pemaron and Warung Kota in Singaraja, as well as a Villa for an Australian client I feel very motivated and inspired to work for your dream Villa in Bali. In addition, the big advantage for you is that we are the builders, project managers, and direct supervisors. This gives you much more control over the final product, and it drastically reduces the costs. We are not brokers; in fact, we are directly involved and responsible for every aspect of your project, from the first steps of planning and design, to communicating directly with you throughout the project and then managing your property for years to come. When you call, you will speak with us directly, and we will be extremely happy to answer any questions you may have.